Why choose a consultancy service for the establishment of  commercial vegetable grafting project?

The initial establishment of a well operated and efficient vegetable grafting project could last a number of years and will require plenty of trials and repeated testing on the vegetable grafting techniques. Our consultancy services will save you significant time and effort as well as reduce the expenses involved in reaching the commercial project phase. Our extensive experience and implementation know-how across both, warm and cold zone conditions, can guarantee establishment of an efficient and well managed vegetable grafting project within only 2-3 months.

How does our consultation service operate?

Our grafted vegetables consultation service is a combination of on-site visits and remote follow-ups:

We conduct 3-4 on-site visits, each lasting 3-5 days. The first visit is conducted during the project’s pilot phase, the second at the beginning of the commercial project phase and the rest , as needed, during the Vegetable grafting peak season.

Ongoing consultation and support via e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp is provided prior to and between the visits, and even for years afterward, as needed. Our fee includes this remote assistance so you can be assured of ongoing support throughout the grafting process.