Orit Vertesh-Burg – Expert Agronomist (B.Sc)- Plants Nurseries consultant and Vegetable Grafting specialist.

Orit Vertesh-Burg

B.Sc. in Horticulture from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

Orit has 25 years of extensive experience in the area of vegetable seedlings production and in Vegetable Grafting techniques and technologies. Her knowledge and experience was acquired while working with the leading nurseries around the world. Orit has been involved in the planning, establishment and ongoing support of commercial and large scale vegetable grafting projects worldwide, from their initiation to full commercial and large scale production. She specializes in planning and designing of the entire grafting facilities which includes the healing and acclimation area layouts as well as  organization of the grafting rooms. Guiding the grafting staff  and training them in the grafting techniques along with selection of the right grafting clips is one of Orit’s areas of expertise. Furthermore, for each project she provides a comprehensive agronomical protocol, including: The sowing process, the growing instructions which synchronize with the grafting requirements, fertilization regime, PGR application, plant protection and more.
Countries in which Orit has conducted grafting projects include : Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Chile, Dominican Republic, USA and India.

Recommandations are available under request.