Indicators of a well operated commercial vegetable grafting project and goals to be achieved

Due to our extensive experience in leading grafting projects, we are able to provide benefits that go well beyond just impressive grafting success rates and grafted plants quality. These additional benefits include production efficiencies goals like reducing labor, saving valuable space inside the greenhouse, minimizing the need of trays transportation as well as seedlings sorting work.

Here are few of our project’s goals:

A grafting success rate of 97% or greater, over the entire year.

Vigorous, green and healthy grafted seedlings: Green and healthy cotyledons, without any roots or Meristemices initiation on the graft fusion point and a full and healthy roots system.

Grafting workers’ productivity: A capacity of 200 or more grafted plants per hour, for each worker. Skilled and meticulously trained grafting staff.

No diseases and plants infection for the entire grafted plants over the year.

A duration of 6-7 days for the healing and acclimation stage, from the grafting day to a full natural greenhouse exposure.

Production duration of grafted plants, from sowing to delivery, is no longer than 10%-15% above regular seedlings production time.

No incompatibility effects between scion and rootstock, either in the nursery or in the field.

Grafting goals

Grafted Watermelon

Grafted Watermelon

Grafted Tomates

Grafted Tomates